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Simona Dance Fashion - a new fashion brand making elegant, high comfortable and quality dance wear for dancers, established in June 2016.
The main designer is Ing. Tatiana Brecíkova from Trenčín, which is producing fashion since 2007.

Simona Brecikova

Ing. Simona Brecíková

Owner, Manager of sales

Simona Brecikova

Ing. Tatiana Brecíková

Head designer

The owner and main manager of sales is Ing. Simona Brecíková multiple champion of Slovakia in Standart dances in main cathegory.
With her parther are representing Slovakia and take place in top 25 couples in WDSF World Ranking.

A short lifestory of our main designer Tatiana

since 2016

Main gesigner in Simona Dance Fashion.

since 2007

Making professional dance wear.

since 1998

Deputy director at Middle school of Arts in Trenčín

1988 - 1998

Working as teacher at Middle school of Arts in Trenčín.

1983 - 1988

Working in OZETA Trenčín, technical tonctrol of imput materials.

1979 - 1983

Studing at High school strojnotechnická in Liberec, textil faculty.

1975 - 1979

Studing at "Stredná priemyselná škola" in Trenčín.

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